Why flickPOV?

At flick POV we are always opening our dialogue to find new truths. As film enthusiasts we are trying to share this passion and create a community with fellow cinema lovers. 

flickPOV is an excellent space to connect with other people who have a common interest or reality. Many times, as a viewer we have a specific opinion or take about a movie or a show, but hardly see anyone else with the same view. Our goal is to observe details from a film few people are talking about. We want to shed light to those impactful features some others are overlooking. 

As a public space in the internet, we are aware that many readers are from different countries. With that being said, we encourage our readers to share their opinions in our comment section, so they can enlighten us in this community with further POVs (points of view) to the table. 

Due to flickPOV being a space that believes in maieutics and open dialogue, we expect our readers and commenters to always be respectful as we have a zero discrimination policy. Any discriminative comment will be blocked.