Top 10 Movies to Watch Between Christmas and New Year 

We all love the legendary Grinch with Jim Carrey, the iconic Home Alone, and the memorable Elf. They are certainly part of the most popular Christmas movies, yet most viewers have probably watched them year after year and want something new. Probably many fans can watch them tirelessly repeatedly but have most likely seen them before Christmas when Holiday spirits were growing. 


Many of us, by the time we face December 26th, are starting to miss Christmas already, we feel nostalgic and a sense of loss, maybe even Post-party Blues (if you don’t know what they are you can click here). December 26th to New Year’s feels like an alternate reality, a weird time in space, but not to worry! No one ever said we can’t keep enjoying the wonders of the Holidays and watching Christmas movies.


If you’re like me and you’re home most of the holidays, want to doze off, enjoy your time, and most importantly, make the most out of the last free days before work resumes, you can enjoy these amazing movies:

DreamWorks Animation LLC. Released 2019.

10. How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming (2019):

About: Set in the world of the popular How to Train Your Dragon series, Homecoming reunites Hiccup and Toothless as they celebrate the Viking holiday Snoggletog.


Why Watch: It’s a heartwarming short film that emphasizes friendship and the importance of traditions. Viewers get to experience the cuteness of Toothless once again and live a touching family reunion with Hiccup and his relatives. 

Walt Disney Pictures. Jim Henson Productions.

9. Christmas with the Muppets (Various Specials):

About: The Muppets, led by Kermit the Frog, engage in festive mischievous behaviors, outstanding musical performances, and comedic sketches that capture the essence of the holiday season.


Why Watch: These specials are a perfect blend of nostalgia, humor, and catchy tunes, with the beloved Muppets bringing their unique charm to Christmas celebrations.

DreamWorks Animation LLC. Released 2017.

8. Trolls Holiday (2017):

About: Poppy and the Trolls invite the Bergen’s to join in on their festive celebrations, wanting to show them that the holiday spirit doesn’t require eating Trolls.


Why Watch: Filled with colorful animation, catchy happy songs, and a positive message about inclusion and empathy, Trolls Holiday is a joyful ride for audiences of all ages.

Warner Bros Animation. Released 2014.

7. Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas (2014):

About: A stop-motion adaptation of the hit movie Elf, this musical special follows Buddy the Elf as he follows a journey from the North Pole to New York City to find his real father.


Why Watch: This film is filled with catchy musical numbers and the beloved and heart-warming charm of Buddy the Elf, this animated special is a delightful, animated version of one of the most intriguing Christmas Classics.

Warner Bros Pictures. Amblin Entertainment. Released 1984.

6. Gremlins (1984):

About: A young man receives a unique pet called a Mogwai as a Christmas gift, but when the creature’s care instructions are ignored, chaos ensues as malevolent Gremlins wreak havoc on a small town.


Why Watch: This dark-humored and thrilling film offers a unique mix of horror and holiday spirit, making it a cult classic with a Christmas twist. Not only that but, the Gremlin’s shenanigans, as ill-intended as they may seem, will steal your heart with furry ears and their hilarious conduct. 

Warner Bros Animation. TMS Entertainment. Amblin Entertainment. Released 1995.

5. A Pinky and the Brain Christmas (1995):

About: In this animated special, Pinky and the Brain engineer a plan to take over the world by impersonating Santa Claus and distributing mind-controlling toys.


Why Watch: This humorous and clever spin on the Christmas story is a must-see for fans of the iconic duo as they follow a hilarious holiday adventure. Pinky and the Brain are mainly known by Gen-Xers but must be remembered for their timeless malicious and hysterical failures.

Aardman's Bristol Studio. Released 2021.

4. Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas (2021):

About: Shaun the Sheep and his flock get involved in a series of misfortunes as they try to help Santa Claus make his Christmas deliveries after accidentally crashing near Mossy Bottom Farm.


Why Watch: With its charming and cute sheep characters and clumsy humor, this animated special will grant laughter and warmth, making it a delightful watch for anyone.

The SPA Studios. Atresmedia Cine. Netflix Animation. Released 2019.

3. Klaus (2019):

About: Jesper, a postman stationed in the Arctic Circle, befriends an isolated toymaker named Klaus. Together, they bring joy to a lonely town, called Smeerensburg by gifting handmade toys to its children.


Why Watch: Klaus offers a heartwarming origin story of the legend of Santa Claus (originally Saint Nicholas), filled with gorgeous, colorful animation, irony, and a beautiful message about the true spirit of giving.

Apple Studios. Bad Robot Productions. Nonemore Productions. Released 2022.

2. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, and The Horse (2022):

About: Based on the bestselling book by Charlie Mackesy, this animated short film brings to life the touching tale of four unlikely friends who hop on an adventure of self-discovery.


Why Watch: This enchanting, animated story teaches valuable lessons about friendship, kindness, and the long-lasting power of love, making it one of the best choices for the holiday season.

Illumination. Perfect World Pictures. Universal Pictures. Released 2018.

1. The Grinch (2018):

About: This adaptation offers a visually stunning and heartwarming experience that captures the core of the holiday season: care, love, and community support. The Grinch faces his inner struggles, whereas kind-hearted, selfless Cindy Lou wishes for her overworked mom to have a freer schedule.


Why Watch: The Grinch includes visually striking animation that brings the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss to life. The vibrant colors, creative character designs, and captivating paradisiac landscapes. It’s a tale of redemption, emphasizing the transformative power of kindness and the importance of compassion during the holiday season. 


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